Helping Government Work Better

Mind Over Machines is a Capability Maturity Model® Integration (CMMI) Level 2, multi-disciplined, small business IT firm, and GSA IT 70 Contract Holder. We’ve been delivering high-efficiency, cost-effective government IT solutions for over 20 years to dozens of federal, state and local agencies, transforming their public service deliveries from cumbersome to cutting-edge.

Government IT Solutions

Enterprise System Architecture
Identity Management – Federated Identity & Single Sign-On Services
Cloud Computing Technologies
Database Engineering including Data Warehouse Solutions
Data Analytics, Software Engineering, Software Testing and Quality Assurance, Program and Project Management
Business Requirements Management, Enterprise Application Services, Business Intelligence (Analysis and Reporting)
Mobile Application Development
Internet and Business Collaboration portals
User Experience Design

Improving Efficiency

Efficiency is the gold standard when delivering desired IT outcomes in the government space. Our deep understanding of the unique needs of government systems includes an expertise in designing, implementing and maintaining:

High-Transaction Enterprise Systems High-Availability Servers
Scalable Software Applications Information Storage and Security

IT Management

Our work as a small business working with government agencies includes:

  1. Consulting with their Information Technology groups
  2. Providing analyses and recommendations on how to improve IT management processes
  3. Consultation and recommendations related to implementing new and emerging technologies.

Trusted Consultants

Our engagements with government clients often encompass multiple projects that span many years, and we serve not only as a trusted advisor, but a dependable provider.  Because requirements (and technologies) evolve, our client engagements often begin with a clearly defined problem, sometimes urgent, for which a short-term solution is critical.

We’ve partnered with the National Institutes of Health for over 10 years, providing insight, oversight, and even hindsight for a variety of technology initiatives, including:

NIH INTEGRATION SERVICE CENTER (ISC) Mind Over Machines serves as Technical Lead for both the Federated Identity and SSO projects responsible for delivering enterprise solutions and advice for implementation and maintenance.
NIH NVISION DATA WAREHOUSE Mind Over Machines conducts high-level functional analysis of financial reporting needs; performs requirements gathering and documentation; engages in strategic planning and business modeling; optimizes the databases and queries; and reviews all ETL and stored procedures before production.
NIH BUSINESS SYSTEMS Working within the centralized development and production environments, Mind Over Machines continues to play a critical role in the design and development of the web portal. The design provides an easy-to-use interface with the custom modules, maintains the ability to add new COTS and other applications, and to add and change information.
NIH INTRAMURAL DATABASE (NIDB) Mind Over Machines provided and thoroughly tested a direct failover capability for the Mac OS X production system. This filled a distinct gap in the NIDB. We set up and implemented the new Mac production server. We conduct ad hoc reporting and programming, and our personnel have also assisted with upgrading the NIDB reporting system and performed the Witango modification for Java conversion.

Our collective federal experience is extensive, and we consistently deliver results for government agencies that accelerate mission objectives and improve operational efficiencies. Our clients enjoy access to our abundant technical skills and resources, and we boast deep expertise in the government space that helps agencies meet ever-evolving requirements.

With each successful endeavor, we have built a cumulative practice depth, breadth and bench strength in innovative, strategic IT consulting.

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