Architect the Right Approach to Your Upgrade

Mind Over Machines provides for industry leading upgrade and migration services for both SharePoint 2010 (SharePoint Server or Foundation) and SharePoint 2007 (SharePoint Server or WSS 3.0).

We will work with your organization’s stakeholders to architect an approach that is tailored to your needs and define the underlying tasks and milestones that will be required to meet your objectives:

  • Design the overall approach to your SharePoint upgrade or migration initiative –  based on your existing SharePoint environment’s user base, content, configurations and customizations
  • Provide upgrade and migration options that align with  budget constraints to implement the project in a phased approach vs. a “big bang” approach
  • Redesign information architecture (IA) , consolidate site, and clean up content in existing SharePoint environment prior to the migration.
  • Develop solutions for multiple SharePoint instances or versions that the upgrade approach, information architecture and system architecture will be required to account for and support, e.g., organizations who have both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007 environments.
  • Develop solutions for organizations with both SharePoint and non-SharePoint based systems in-scope for the upgrade and migration initiative
  • Create “interoperability” for existing custom features or workflows between your existing SharePoint 2010 platform and the new SharePoint environment
  • Provide customizations for organizations who may have “known migration issues” such as RBS configurations and related SQL Server database “flags”

Mind Over Machines senior SharePoint architects and development team has performed hundreds of  SharePoint upgrades and migrations and pull from these “consulting trenches” strategies and lessons learned.  That’s how you know you are engaging with a trusted partner who will ensure your high-profile project is a success.