Oh, THAT’S the BI tool we’re supposed to use!

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Surprise, surprise!

Just as Business Intelligence (BI) tools become the hot topic, there are more solutions available than ever…except that there aren’t, because only two of them are actually worth your consideration.

At Mind Over Machines, we’re always looking for ways to help you win. For our BI practice, this means constantly evaluating the marketplace for the best tools.

Here are the top trends we are seeing:

Only BI leaders are BI leaders – No wannabes allowed

The old guard of industry-leading reporting tools all bolted BI solutions onto the side of their existing wares. You would think that having a single solution for both reporting and BI would be the smart match. You would be wrong.

None of these “hybrids” remotely compare to BI solutions written from the ground up specifically for BI.

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What is a CRM?

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Whether or not they realize it, every business engages in customer relationship management (CRM). They develop and exercise processes and strategies to grow and maintain their customer base, with activities encompassing the entire customer lifecycle, from lead to loyalty.

Most businesses have some process to manage this lifecycle, often involving artifacts and activities like marketing lists, phone calls, emails, and opportunity pursuits. In smaller businesses, sometimes this process is captured in a collection of spreadsheets, or managed in employee email. Unfortunately, many businesses make the mistake of carrying this approach beyond what it can handle. Enter the CRM system, or what is simply referred to as “a CRM”.

Long ago, people realized that most businesses have the same general approach to the sales process. Most organizations speak the same language when it comes to leads, contacts,…

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The Times, They Are ‘A Changin’

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It’s not news that the world of technology is changing. Anyone who operates in our society today is very aware of how technology continues to evolve and become increasingly integral to our lifestyle, professions, and even our health. The article below walks through some situations that you may be familiar with and highlights how modern Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs) are able to enhance typical business operations.

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One Location for ALL your Client or Account Information

The Situation: Sally from Sales is wooing Larry, a new lead, but doesn’t record their multiple calls and emails in the CRM. Mark in Marketing is unaware this conversation is happening, so includes Larry in the next marketing campaign. Larry receives an email asking him to reach out and begin a…

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Miscalculated Risk

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“We’re in the final stages of testing and anticipate your system will go live three weeks from today.”


After too many months and too much money, the tech company was finally reporting that it was just a few minor tweaks away from launching the shiny new, custom software system that would make life so much better for the partners of the high-powered venture capital firm.

One of the most influential companies in the industry, the firm enjoys a reputation for taking smart risks and returning big rewards for its investors. This time, it had invested heavily in its own future with a desperately needed upgrade to its portfolio management system.

Now it was time to take the system for a test ride. The entire company was excited to see what this thing could do.

And it did…nothing.

It failed its…

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The Distress Call

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The call from the West Coast came in to our Baltimore office on a Monday afternoon. The caller (we’ll call her Lois) was on Day 3 of a total system shutdown. She was officially in crisis. Lois’s firm – a 24/7 public records research firm that earns much of its revenue from online transactions – had gone offline.

After agonizing through a second day of total shutdown, Lois had hit her breaking point. For some time she had been frustrated by her IT team’s lack of vision and responsiveness, but this shutdown was just too much. Lois fired her entire IT department on the spot, save one.

Now she had no system, one IT employee and no plan.

Crisis Management

Lois knew she needed immediate help, so she called a trusted friend, a leading CEO in her industry. Her…

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SharePoint: You’re Using It Wrong

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