What Does CES 2018 Mean for Business?

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CES 2018 – the Consumer Technology Association’s annual cavalcade of high-tech wonders – was held last week in Las Vegas. Honestly, we love the CES hype as much as anyone, but hype doesn’t always equal value. Mind Over Machines is about adding value to businesses, not about the newest consumer gadgets.

That said, your employees are a critical part of your business, and all employees double as consumers. How we live outside of work influences our expectations for work. Since the birth of the BYOD movement, we’ve tracked the consumerization of enterprise. While those hot prototypes on the show floor aren’t coming to an office near you anytime soon, CES 2018 is a leading indicator of the forces that shape the consumer experience, and those forces will eventually impact employee expectations.

Alexa Is Everywhere 

Our Director of…

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Honey, I Shrunk the Furniture

7 minute read

It’s 2018. Not being able to visualize whether an armchair will ruin the feng shui of your living room before you purchase it is simply unacceptable. For this reason, and a few others, the innovators at Amazon have released AR View, the company’s new augmented reality shopping experience.

Currently, AR View is only available for iOS 11.0+ devices, but it happened to drop at an opportune time for us. Mind Over Machines is expanding. Adding employees means adding office furniture, and we’re planning to refresh the place while we’re at it. In the last week, we have moved, repurposed or trashed many old pieces of furniture, turning the vibe of the office on its head.

Our Interior Design Objectives

Of course, our new office furniture must be comfortable and durable, but we also want to strike that balance between functional and fashionable. Our office space should “wow” prospective…

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