Honey, I Shrunk the Furniture

7 minute read

It’s 2018. Not being able to visualize whether an armchair will ruin the feng shui of your living room before you purchase it is simply unacceptable. For this reason, and a few others, the innovators at Amazon have released AR View, the company’s new augmented reality shopping experience.


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Welcome to the Cloud Neighborhood

10 minute read

Your system is mission critical. It has hundreds, thousands, or even millions of daily users and it must continue to perform its functions no matter what. But it’s now 10-15 years old, and though it has served its purpose faithfully and is still a solid performer, the time has come to plan for your aging system’s future.

It’s time to make a move, and you know it.

Whether you’re a hospital managing critical patient care records, or a financial institution conducting transactions, or any industry processing payroll or operations data – you need to fully understand the many options, risks, and costs associated with any modernization solution.

But like moving to a new home, the options are endless. Which neighborhood do you want to be in? What’s available in your price range? Is it better to buy or…

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Tick Tock…

7 minute read

Time was ticking away for the medical studies department at a top private research university.

Clinical researchers relied on the department’s web collaboration portal to house and share data from their studies of new medicines and medical treatments. And the application was just about to hit its 10-year anniversary – a dubious achievement in software.

The university’s IT department decreed that unless the aged system was modernized within six months to meet compliance, security, and a host of other IT standards, it would be disconnected from the university’s network.

The original developers, when contacted, announced they would no longer support the system. Their company had changed direction and was not interested in helping.

Our phone rang.

“Can your team bring our system into compliance before we get shut down?”

WARNING #1 – Do not trust any consultant who answers “Yes” to a…

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