Holistic Hiring Helps the Candidate and the Client

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If you’ve spent any time in our Twitterverse lately, this won’t come as a surprise to you: We’re hiring! And like everything we undertake, Mind Over Machines puts our own unique spin on the process.

Sure, that alphabet soup resume with its lengthy language list will more than likely secure you an interview. Talent, education and experience are certainly important. But don’t come in expecting that interview to be the usual IT professional pop quiz. Our hiring process is client-centric. We privilege communication and problem-solving skills over the ability to crank out code. But what’s at the top of our Must Have list? Enthusiasm, love of the game. We need to know you can identify a client’s needs, are driven to find the most effective solution, and are able to articulate the steps required to get there. We call it the PB&J Methodology, laid out here by our CTO Dustin Sitton from the interviewer’s POV.

Maybe you’re wondering what the peanut butter and jelly test looks like from the other side of the table. Krista Darrell was a marketing professional searching for the next rung on her professional ladder and open to a career change. She reached out to a colleague for advice. That colleague happened to be CTO Dustin who immediately administered what he described as an “intense” and “serious” test.

Krista was thrust into the world of twist-tie mechanics and butter knife anatomy. The safety seal atop the peanut butter jar was the real curveball. But she was loving every minute of it. “I saw it as a puzzle, and I love puzzles! My brain thrives on that kind of stuff.”

To wrap up the exercise, Dustin pointed out Krista had written a program, a list of steps a computer could follow to achieve a desired outcome. Lots of employers use the PB&J test. Some are looking for personality, logic, maybe even a mechanism for screening out overly meticulous candidates. But Dustin’s follow-up questions were focused on Krista’s mindset. Did she find the process tedious? Frustrating?

Here at Mind Over Machines, we pride ourselves on being a pleasure to work with. We want to revolutionize our clients’ workflows, and we want our clients to enjoy that process. So we’re looking for teammates who won’t get uncomfortable when the situation requires them to think in new and different ways. We want people who embrace challenges.

It probably won’t surprise you that Krista is one of our MINDs now. “When you’re trying to solve a problem, you’re looking at it from all angles. You finally identify the pivotal component, tweak it, and discover a completely different – and better – outcome!” she explains. “If you don’t have that spark, an intense interest in the task at hand, that ‘Aha moment’ doesn’t happen.” Our clients count on Mind Over Machines to deliver on the Aha Moment.

We’re ready and eager to hire talented people with a passion for process and effective communication. Think you have what it takes to join our ranks? Put your MIND to the test by going over to our Careers page and applying for one of our open positions today.


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