Dmitry Cherches Appointed Chief Operating Officer

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Dmitry Cherches is a pretty exceptional guy. Born and raised in Minsk, Belarus, he spent his childhood disassembling mainframe computers, creating DOS-based computer games, and training as a member of the junior Olympic swim team. His intellectual curiosity and penchant for hard work only intensified as he grew older; as a teenager in the U.S., he double-majored in Economics and Computer Science at UMBC while simultaneously working a full-time software development job.

While many would be crushed by the demands of such an intense schedule, for Dmitry, it was invigorating. That’s because Dmitry is a passionate learner who welcomes challenges and strives for excellence in all that he does.

He’s also the rare technologist who curbs the engineering instinct in deference to the business case. If there’s no ROI, there’s no project. But don’t worry; Dmitry will find the ROI if it’s there, maximize it, and design and implement the solution to attain it – all with a perpetual ear-to-ear smile.

These traits, with his combined Technology and Finance viewpoint, have made Dmitry an invaluable Chief Technology Officer for MOM and its clients these past 18 years.

Now, as Mind Over Machines positions itself to be the leader in smooth, headache-free delivery of tailored software solutions, Dmitry assumes responsibility for our daily operations. As Chief Operating Officer, he will continue to champion client ROI, and prioritize expanding the company’s record of attracting and nurturing top talent, as cornerstones of his mission to drive organizational excellence.

“Dmitry is absolutely the right guy for the job, because he’s always seen our clients’ bigger pictures,” says Mind Over Machines Founder and CEO Tom Loveland. “He’s the guy who, unprompted, reaches out to our clients and says, “Hey, I was thinking…”, and then shares a strategic idea that brings them added success. One of our clients went from startup to third in the nation and credited us with providing half of their strategic direction. We have Dmitry to thank for most of that praise.”

Mind Over Machines’ redoubled commitment to smooth solution delivery – often an afterthought in the technology services profession, if considered at all – further excites Dmitry about his new role: “Planting our flag, publicly pledging to put client experience first, is empowering. It’s an affirmation of the work we’ve been doing and a call to boost our efforts.”

“It’s unacceptable in this day to be just a bunch of geeks with all the technology answers,” Dmitry explains. “Technology professionals need to communicate and deliver those answers in a way that is compelling, elicits stakeholder buy-in, and is ultimately sustainable. I’m energized to continue building a stellar team that thrives on helping our clients enjoy both the outcome and the experience of optimizing their businesses.”


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