It’s all a part of our DNA…

Our MINDset: Go Ahead – Make Me Think

We work with fresh technology on cool projects, which means that we consistently attract the best and the brightest from the ultra competitive IT market.

When you join Mind Over Machines, we provide you with an intellectually stimulating environment that invites creative problem solving, inspires deep thinking, and requires elite technical skills.

Our people stay. A long time. Why? For the challenge, the environment, the learning. Many have spent more years at Mind Over Machines growing their careers than other tech firms have even been around.

Want to join us? We’re looking for individuals who are:

Strong finishers You take ownership of your work and your team relies on you to take accountability for client results.
Problem solvers You love peeling away the layers of a complex problem to get to the root of it. You listen to learn the nuances of different business needs and environments. You creatively explore multiple solutions and are flexible enough to adapt your view as needed.
Communicators You listen. You express your ideas in ways that others can easily grasp. You are straightforward and proactively dialogue with others to work through issues.
Collaborative You are a team player, taking the initiative to find ways to help others and add value to the team.
Persistent You stick-to-it.
Conspicuously intelligent You’ve been called really smart – but not arrogant. You are curious and like to explore both techie and business concepts. You are a life-long learner.
Entrepreneurial You like to build things and would like to make your mark on a growing business.

Think You’re Of The Same MIND?

If this list describes you and you possess a strong technical toolkit, explore our open positions.