Growing Pains

The Data Dilemma That Comes With Fast Growth

by MOM

The good news: The online education company was revolutionizing the industry and growing like gangbusters, providing a virtual education experience to thousands of students across the country. The bad news: The company’s 10 year-old systems were sputtering and stalling, unable … more

Dot Your “I”s and Cross Your “T”s

A checklist for maintaining control over software development projects

by MOM

How can you ensure control over your software development project? Selecting a qualified IT vendor is only the first of many critical steps to take to protect your substantial investment and ensure a successful project. The High Price of Selecting … more

Cost of Choosing the Wrong IT Partner

The High Price of Selecting the Wrong IT Partner

How shortsighted mistakes lead to long-term costs

by MOM

Every big IT project is intimidating. Organizations outsource these to an IT partner because they don’t have (or necessarily need) in-house expertise in specialty areas such as user experience design, enterprise information systems, software development, legacy systems management, cloud computing, … more