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Domino Sugar Plant

Sweet Innovation

Why knowledge based work is just as relevant in manufacturing

by MOM

Stu FitzGibbon is about to mark twenty-five years at Domino Sugars in Baltimore. As refinery manager, he’s seen automation accelerate over the decades and continue to this day. But while some see technology and global economic forces pushing American manufacturing … more

Inside the Mind of the CIO

The keys to deriving value from IT departments

by MOM

Demonstrating value can often be synonymous with “mission impossible” for many business units, with the obvious exception of the sales team or any team whose primary function is to generate revenue. Demonstrating the value (not to mention value-add) of a … more

Who’s in Charge of Your Data?

The emergence of the Chief Data Officer

by MOM

Data is not just for collecting and reporting; and if treated as a strategic asset, data can produce some game-changing business results. But who pilots the enterprise’s data strategy in order to fulfill its business objectives? Who is Data’s Boss? Let’s … more