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Rick Mosca

Rick Mosca, Vice President of Consulting Services, is an accomplished IT veteran, bringing to his role more than 25 years of experience in technology leadership. Rick has helped many of the world’s most recognized organizations build competitive fortitude through his oversight and implementation of sound IT systems. Rick leads the Mind Over Machines consulting teams through effective business process re-engineering (BPR), strategic planning, information architecture, product management and application development.
IT Project Nightmares

Nightmares in Technology Projects

From scope creep to sales creep, technology project fears that will make you scream

It’s a scary notion, beginning a new technology project. You know it’s going to hurt your budget; you think you know what you need, but then those techie people tell you something completely different; and what if something better comes … more


Inside the Mind of the CIO

The keys to deriving value from IT departments

Demonstrating value can often be synonymous with “mission impossible” for many business units, with the obvious exception of the sales team or any team whose primary function is to generate revenue. Demonstrating the value (not to mention value-add) of a … more

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