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Mind Over Machines Featured as Innovative Service Provider in Mergers & Acquisitions

(Excerpt from February 9, 2015 Mergers & Acquisitions)

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CapLinked, EFront, Midaxo, Mind Over Machines and Valuations.com provide useful tools for dealmakers


Mind Over Machines is like a doctor on house call for faulty IT systems. The Baltimore, Maryland-based service provider recently worked with a client that completed a deal. “They thought they were going to use the new company’s software to expand into a new market and wanted us to look at the system to assess what it needed to get to the finish line,” says founder Tom Loveland. “I wish they had talked to us before the acquisition.” The sweet spot for these types of situations is the middle market. These days, many companies need to leverage technology to grow their businesses. If private equity firms or strategic buyers find themselves in a deal in which the target’s software works well in one location but can’t scale, Loveland’s team can help.

Inter IKEA Systems BV, a long-time client of Mind Over Machines, attempted to streamline a loss-prevention system over the years. But the program didn’t quite function as well in U.S. locations as it did in Sweden, where Ikea is based.

“The problem was they wanted this system to work in Baltimore, Philadelphia and other American stores,” Loveland says. But the system crashed. Loveland and his team of IT forensic specialists came in and helped the Netherlands-based retailer grow with the resources available.

That includes providing consultation to buyers during the course of due diligence, he says. “They say, ‘I’m thinking of acquiring a company.’ Well, is the IT system better or worse?”

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